aku.seorang.perempuan.yang.inginkan.apa.yang dimahukan.dan mengejar.apa.itu.kebahagiaan.seadanya.di.dunia.hakiki

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

im bz...lots do asgmnt..argh!!!!

after 3 times rejected...
try my harder...

list assgment left:
1. is=lr,finding..research methodlgy
2. food styling=edit pic of pasta
3. strategic management
4. hotel system=herbs
5. ob=group asgmnt+sources of power related to you..

its like me larh..for rite now..
how come x stress???
really needs some rest...huwaaa..umi..rinduuu kamu...
jaja......and love part of my life(my family)

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